Creating a space

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

We create spaces all throughout our day. We create spaces to eat, to work, to create, and for people to enter and exit our lives in different forms. We create spaces to dream, cast vision, and learn. This blog is a space created by two friends to catalogue and share what inspires us. Currently, this is what I am inspired by:

A professional organizer who believes in simplicity – Laura Cattano

OooO to sip tea in this attic will be bliss

Kelley, from NPR Music, shared this about Adele “She sounds like a real person because her voice couldn’t have been concocted in a studio. She’s one of those singers whose voice is so intrinsic and fluorescent that you can hear the difference between her and regular people while she’s making small talk between songs. Her laugh is so hefty and unsettling that you know there’s something in her lungs that isn’t like something in your lungs.” I agree.

Stream her this week.


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