February 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

What do you do when you try  your best: research, plan, execute the plan with the right materials, try again with a new idea, and it still doesn’t work out the way you want things to work out? And when I say “try your best,” I mean putting energy, thought, and feeling into one purpose. What do you do when you feel defeated? Blog family, I cry and give up. This weekend I was defeated – defeated by a hammer and nails.

It has been 6 months since I moved to my first apartment and I’m finally putting things on my bare white walls. It was my plan to put a collection of pictures up on my wall. Here is my vision for that to be accomplished:

However, after 3 hours of planning, researching, gathering, and failed, attempts I ended up with a white wall with little tiny empty nail holes and pencil eraser marks. Defeated. I was defeated by a hammer and nails.

I am in need of encouragement. Although my wall continues to be bare (I’ll update if that changes), I will leave you all with what brings me some optimism and solace to begin the week:

A mantra I should say about my house:

A Monday morning song start up for the week:

Aung San Suu Kyi, the hope of Burma, is an inspiration to me.


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  • Rachel says:

    Oh, Pakou. I can feel it. Tonight’s gonna be a good night. Na na na. Na na na. Party in the USA.

    But seriously, are your walls still bare? I feel your pain, my dear. My walls were bare for months, and I felt so defeated because I have no interior decoration bone in my body. I know my style and taste, and I see in my head what i want my apartment to look like, but I just can’t produce my ideas. So, I finally invited my parents over for a day, realized how much I needed them to like my apartment, and threw things up on my wall. I mean, it turned out, I think! My trick was not to think so much about it. So, my advice to you–just start hammering in those nails. Just go. Do it. Now.

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