Feelin’ like a rebel

March 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

No, I didn’t throw a rock at a church window. A typical bedtime for me on a worknight is usually 10 pm at the latest (due to my teacher schedule). However, this past Thursday I won a pair of tickets to see In Tall Buildings, James Vincent McMorrow, and The Rural Alberta Advantage. To win a contest is exciting enough, but to win concert tickets to a great show is even better. As someone who works in the schools, I felt like a rebel hanging out late on a school night. All photos courtesy of Ed Oliver.

In Tall Buildings is the name for Erik Hall's new music project.

James Vincent McMorrow is a beautiful songwriter from Ireland.

The Rural Alberta Advantage's drummer was so fun to watch.

Sigur Ros does rebellion right with Hoppipolla.

This weekend ding dong ditch your neighbor four blocks down the street or do something risky, but not too harmful. Sometimes moving away from your regular to do’s to allow an element of surprise is worth it.



§ One Response to Feelin’ like a rebel

  • Jesse says:

    In Tall Buildings! Hah. I know him! Shared a stage in Chicago. My friend and I listened to his record on the way home Monday evening. Our universe has amazing parallels. Also, in hind-sight, and in deference to today’s post, should “to do’s” be hyphenated?

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