Stopping for the radio shows

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I have been obsessed with National Public Radio. There are moments that I cry, gasp, or laugh out loud while driving and hope no one caught a glimpse of me. At times I wish the red light was a little bit longer so that I can listen to an end of a story. For example, last weekend I was driving and listening to A Prairie Home Companion. I was on my way to the grocery store when I was captured by Sara Watkins and Sam Duncan’s music number The Price.  I drove past the underground parking, around the block, and parked my car on the “no parking/stopping side,” and put on my emergency lights. I sat awhile listening to Garrison Keillor talk about Dolly Parton in Nashville, Emmylou Harris sharing a sad, sad song – Darling Kate, and The Civil Wars performing Poison & Wine. Below are some of my favorite programs.

Ira Glass, humorist host of  This American Life, captures stories around a weekly theme. Click on the picture below to hear one of my favorites.

My morning drive to work usually consists of news from All Things Considered.

A friend introduced me to Storycorps a few months ago. Interviews are archived from people around the country. What I love most about Storycorps is their pairing of animated shorts with their stories in a beautiful and raw way.

Listen to some airwaves this week. I think it’s perfectly okay to cry or throw your head back from laughing so hard – even if its alone in the car driving to the grocery store.



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