This Groaning Earth Lightened

April 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve come to enjoy the well-designed infographic – especially ones with fake data – and I’m thrilled there are so many websites devoted to finding and creating them. The last few days have been particularly exciting as the weekly infographic my coworkers and I make (our creative lunchtime project) got picked up by I Love Charts and was a huge hit in the blogosphere:

Made by twentyonehundred productions

As today also encourages good care of this groaning earth, here’s a nod to a few folks doing just that.
1. These plant-able comic books let you enjoy your superhero and a garden too.

April Showers has some serious gardening superpowers.

2. Stylish sneakers from the Dutch brand OAT Shoes. After they’re worn and torn and you’ve tossed them out, they’ll biodegrade and (hopefully) sprout trees from the seeds packed in the lining. These won 2nd place at Amsterdam’s Green Fashion Awards this year.

I wonder how many more trees Johnny Appleseed would have planted had he worn a pair of these on his cross-country hikes...

3. I’m always inspired by the New Dress a Day blog, whose thrifting creator reuses some of the ugliest, oldest clothes around and somehow envisions a stylish and trendy new piece.

Before and after

4. There have been quite a few spin-offs of the song, “Empire State of Mind,” but this mock music video done by volunteers for Green Sangha, an environmental organization in California, might just be my favorite.

5. The lovely Upcycled designers at Poketo! have given us bags made from discarded street banners, wallets made from leather sofas, and my favorite: totes made from vintage suits.

Guys, would this be a tote you'd carry? It's got so much class!


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