Weekend do: Mother’s edition

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This “Weekend Do” is dedicated to family matriarch leaders.  

1. Do enjoy these motherly lessons:

Pinterest - Artemis Pyrpilis


This lesson is still a bit questionable.

2. Do read these mother’s stories and blogs.

  • Kelle Hampton combines her love for writing and photography on Enjoying the Small Things. She is the mother of four children. I first started reading her blog after her birth story of Nella, her second child who was born with Down syndrome.
  • Bleubird Vintage is the site of Ms. James Kicinski. She is a stylist, clothing designer, vintage store owner of Bleubird Vintage, and mother to three children. I really enjoy her regular posts of What We Wore, which are photo documentations of the family’s daily wear.
  • Taza is a new mother to Eleanor and blogs at Rockstar Diaries.  She is also the mother of Kingsley-the family bulldog.

3. Do show love to your mom this weekend. I’m the third oldest of eight. It was hard raising a family in a new country but my mom did it. Below is a picture of my mom at 26 years old and pregnant with me (with my two older sisters). She is beautiful. A nod to my mother.

I really like my mom's dress-very stylish.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


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