A conglomerate of amazingness

May 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

How are Nutella, Agnes Obel, and Kelly Kapoor related? Read on and the clarity of these three entities will be revealed.

In 1951, Pietro Ferrero, an Italian owner of a patisserie, developed a creamy mixture of hazelnut/almond paste and chocolate call Supercreama. In 1964, Ferrero’s son, Michele, modified the recipe into Nutella and the first jars went out of the Ferrero factory. My first experience with Nutella was with an old roommate who would sit in the kitchen and eat it right out of the jar. I always wondered why she couldn’t get enough of it. Years later, the 13 ounce jar of hazelnut spread is now a staple on my grocery list. Well, I just purchased a 26.5 ounce jar.


A Danish songbird has been streaming through my apartment for months. I can’t decide if Agnes Obel is a pianist who sings or a songwriter who plays piano. Either way her debut album Philharmonics has me tip toeing whimsically around my kitchen floor, swaying as I sew stitches on a summer dress, and singing along as I write letters.

Kelly Kapoor is the Indian American bubbly, talkative, and boy-crushing character on The Office played by Mindy Kaling. Kelly can be quite extreme in her affection towards others or desire to attain superficial goals; however, she continues to make me laugh until I’m gasping between words for air due to laughing so hard. Below is a clip of her attempts at a cleansing diet.

Still wondering how all of these three are related? Well…they’re all imported and amazing.


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