Facing My Fears and Facing Uganda

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

In preparation for this summer the recurring theme seems to be facing my fears. I share below. Don’t judge me.

1. I am fearful of birds, specifically being pooped on by a bird. A couple of weekends ago some friends and I were at the beach. As I was getting things ready to get into water, I felt a whack on head. I put my hand through my hair and realized it was bird poop. I screamed. Then a friend helped me wash my hair and I handled it. Birds can cause such destruction–watch below.

2. This is a dislike that has turned into a fear. I don’t like my teeth to be touched. Ewww!  Before dentist visits I usually prep myself with a mantra, “I can handle it. I can do this. I will be okay.” As I sit in the chair and hear the awful noise from the tools, my feet are crossed at the ankles and my hands are gripped tightly together. Agh it’s awful. Only a couple of times a year and I do it. I go through with it and if I’m lucky to experience the good laughing gas I’m thankful for that.

Capturing a good hard laugh.

3. Growing up I didn’t have a bike to pedal through the streets. Just to be clear I can ride a bike. I just can’t turn, stop, or start well, but I can ride one. I’m mostly afraid of riding a bike solo on city streets. However, this past weekend I rode my bike on a beautiful Sunday morning through my city. It felt wonderful to get on my red bike and cruise. I felt every ounce like the boy below.

So why am I sharing these events with you? I think it has prepared me for the 6 weeks of unknown in Uganda. Readers, in a few days I leave to teach with Invisible Children at Gulu High School. I get to use my skills as a speech-language pathologist to support secondary age students. I will also be teaching a social-emotional well-being course and lead an after-school activity. I am very excited.

I have conquered the bird poop. I have gone through the dentist visits. I have made it through the city bike ride. I can teach well, learn well, and love well. I can do Uganda.

After my bike ride and a glimpse of my front porch.

Readers, look forward to more nods by Abi, guest posts and possible posts from Africa. Farewell until August!


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