A Few Unlikely Heroes

June 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

In The House of Seven Gables, Nathanial Hawthorne writes:

If we look through all the heroic fortunes of mankind, we shall find this same entanglement of something mean and trivial with whatever is noblest in joy or sorrow. Life is made up of marble and mud. And, without all the deeper trust in a comprehensive sympathy above us, we might hence be led to suspect the insult of a sneer, as well as an immitigable frown, on the iron countenance of fate. What is called poetic insight is the gift of discerning, in this sphere of strangely mingled elements, the beauty and the majesty which are compelled to assume a garb so sordid.

So come our real-life heroes, a bit marbled and muddied. Here are a few note-worthy ones.

1. Last year for Father’s Day, videographer David Hui reflected on his absent father during childhood and his present role as father to two kids, a challenge coming from any background. With Matt Kirk, he composed this moving video essay on fatherhood and faith. Here’s to many fathers.

2. Frederika has become a super-grandma. When French photographer Sacha Goldberger saw that his 91-year-old grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed, he proposed dressing up and shooting a a series of crazy photos. The shoot was such a success and she received so much support from fans, she hasn’t felt lonely or depressed since. There is even talk of a movie…

You can see more photos of Frederika and read how she saved ten people during the Holocaust here and here.

3. And of course, a brief nod is due to all those tech-savvy people in our life who come to our rescue. In any age and at most ages, we need them.


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