My Favorite Moustache

July 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Guest post by Laura Mettler.

This post is really not about my favorite moustache.  It is about the man behind my favorite moustache and the music that comes from said moustache’s man.  But since we’re on the subject, here is a sweet moustache picture of said man.

David Eugene Edwards! Of Wovenhand!

Usually I’m more of a beard girl (contrast: bearded girl) myself, but this one, my friends, is a beaut.  That’s a cowboy’s moustache and no doubt.  So glad he can rock it.  His face looks like Colorado.  Beards may be beautiful, but there’s a special place in my heart for this one.

The video below beautifully showcases this man’s expansive facial hair and talent.

Note the head twitching, the upright bass (go Pascal!), and the ever-so-appropriate use of “ok, alright, ok, alright” at 3:16.  And, of course, the gratuitous close-ups of aforementioned moustache.  The mix of vocals to instruments is a little off, but check out a few of his hi-fi recordings here.

A little music history for you: before sticking with Wovenhand (originally a side project), David Eugene Edwards started out in a band called 16 Horsepower probably 20 years ago.  They’re great.  Cowboy music, if I’ve ever heard any.  Gothic Americana, officially.  For an education, listen here and shiver. The grandson of a preacher and son of a rebel, his music embraces all of that and more.  VPRO did a documentary on him YEARS ago, and in it he sings a hymn with his grandpa who doesn’t much care for rock ‘n roll. If you get a chance, start watching from Part 1 and don’t look back.

Through the years, he’s traversed a veritable musical spectrum: Cowboy, old-time gospel, bluegrass, alt-country, Native American, and Russian-gypsy (say “yes” to the hurdy-gurdy), and Mongolian (he doesn’t do throat singing, but for a feel of it, check this and this out.).  For a documentary on Sacred Harp singing in the South (no, seriously, take a listen), he did a medieval song called “Consecration” which is on his Myspace page.

Truth is, friends, he plays and sings like a champ, an apocalyptic pale horse rider, a holiness tent revival circuit preacher, a desperate outlaw, a Russian immigrant, a lover.  And who couldn’t use at least one of those in one’s life?  Hmm…?

I’ve seen him in concert twice: once in Portland and once in Seattle.  Here’s a parting clip from the Seattle show.



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