Food Goes Vintage

August 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

I loved this article from the Wall Street Journal about how the vintage trend is making its way from clothing to food branding and advertising. It’s worth a read.

Below is a repost from W5 (“a blog about the art and the science of marketing research” – check them out! They have great content.), as they highlight a quick how-to guide for turning a bag of Doritos into a trendy sensation.

New! Improved! (and Very Old) Interesting little article from the WSJ about the throwback trend in consumer packaged goods. While the trend itself isn’t all that remarkable, I found the “Chip Flashback” sidebar amusing. Here’s a simple recipe for creating a throwback package: Colors: The brown, orange and yellow palette is ‘very time stamped’ to the 1960s. Limitations in printing techniques also meant that only a few colors could be used. Letter Blocks: Often used by TV shows … Read More

via A blog about the art and the science of marketing research.


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§ 2 Responses to Food Goes Vintage

  • I’m just about to follow the link, but have to say–this is well timed! I was just looking at some cracker packaging yesterday and thinking, “Oh, wow , they will do whatever it takes to create a feel–regardless of how ingredients have or have not changed!” This was a grudgingly impressed thought, not a grumpy one. ;)

    • Yeah–I was thinking about that when I titled this post and wondered what actual vintage food would look like. Maybe food is too timeless, or maybe we’re already doing it under different names: ‘making from scratch,’ cooking organically and locally, etc.

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