Confession of A Modern Bag Lady

August 3, 2011 § 10 Comments

A peek into my closet (or bedroom or walk way) and one will see bags dangling in all angles from hooks. I have clutches, satchels, over the shoulder purses, and totes. My favorite bag is my bright green over the shoulder bag that I carry with me almost every day. Jason Travis, an American photographer from Atlanta, GA captures strangers and their belongings in his project titled Persona. It’s as if he documents the personalities of individuals through what is contained in their bags.

Of course it makes sense for a Moby look-a-like to be reading Moby Dick.

Playing Super Mario Brothers while waiting in line isn't a bad idea.

A strip of bacon? I use to carry my passport with me just in case I ever had the desire to leave the country at a moments notice.

I thought I would add to the project by sharing what is inside my bag.

List of my goods:

  1. Keys to my apartment and car.
  2. Medication to prevent malaria (I just got back from Uganda).
  3. Receipt for the gas I put in my car.
  4. Wine cork from the expensive blush wine after dinner that friends and I enjoyed in New York City.
  5. Keeping my lips moist with Blistex Berry lip balm.
  6. Eye drops to keep my contacts from not drying out.
  7. Moonlight Path body lotion from Bath & Body Works.
  8. Antibacterial gel.
  9. My red wallet that keeps my cash and cards safe.
  10. A cell phone to stay connected with friends and family. Every now and then to make appointments and find out information.
  11. I believe a writing utensil is always needed in a bag.
  12. My grocery shopping list that I completed at the neighborhood Trader Joe’s (Sushi wasn’t on the list nor the smoked gouda cheese but I got it anyways).

Even I was curious to find out all that I had in my bag. I wonder what it says about me. Whether it’s a purse, tote, or man purse please do share what’s in your bag. Join in on the project by emptying your bag and sharing the photos with us.


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§ 10 Responses to Confession of A Modern Bag Lady

  • mrjmcintosh says:

    Love this blog, love the idea of persona. I think I am going to use it in my sociology class this year when talking about sociological imagination. It is so great to use artifacts to try and understand who people really are. This is great stuff.

  • My cell phone’s camera appears to be malfunctioning, but here’s a list of my bag’s contents:

    (1) Wallet
    (2) Keys
    (3) Travel journal
    (4) Ziploc bag of colored pens for use with (3)
    (5) Free meal chip for CN’s restaurant at Comic Con
    (6) Flash drive
    (7) Lip gloss

    Should I count my phone, which is usually in my purse? (At work, it sits on my office desk.)

  • Darn it, forgot to subscribe to comments!

  • I just dumped a bunch of stuff out last night but my purse includes:

    (1) cell phone
    (2) work badge/card
    (3) sunglasses
    (4) grocery shopping list (which ranges from black beans to powdered sugar to tequila–don’t ask)
    (5) nivea lip balm (free sample!)
    (6) receipt from shipping a package to Utah
    (7) wallet
    (8) library card (I don’t know why it’s not in my wallet. to keep it ever handy, I suppose)
    (9) car keys
    (10) mp3 player and headphones (I go nowhere w/out it!)

    Surprisingly no books. Maybe after I hit up the library.

  • Laura Mettler says:

    In my purse:
    -Wallet (which I forgot this morning and had to run home to obtain)
    -Lip gloss (from the weekend wedding)
    -Burt’s bees chapstick
    -small planner
    -Deposit slip (from today when I forgot my wallet)
    -sunglasses (it just got sunny last week in Washington)
    -half eaten bag of fruit snacks
    -two Dora the Explorer charms removed from the watch I bought for camp last week (and watch setting instructions)
    -cabin-counselor-camper list from last week’s camp
    -the itinerary for our youth group missions trip to the Philippines
    -trail mix bar
    -reminder note to call my sis
    -reminder note about Friday night
    -reminder note about next Wednesday night

  • Laura Mettler says:

    Oh yes, and cell phone.
    And two books:
    the ESV, and…
    Love Wins

  • Laura Mettler says:

    I’m not very far in yet… but I really like some of the things he says. I’m sure I’ll want to talk about it more…

    Also, I found a packet of Via, some Good Earth Sweet & Spicy, and a contact case in one of the pockets.

  • E says:

    In my messenger bag:
    – netbook
    – iphone charger
    – Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
    – The Message in hardcover of the OT History Books (Joshua-Esther)
    – Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
    – Neutrogena face stuff
    – eyedrops
    – compact mirror
    – 3 (yes, 3) headphones
    – headphones splitter
    – ipod
    – flash drive wristband
    – two Pilot G-2 pens
    – deck of playing cards

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