Weekend Do: No Computer Edition

August 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

My computer is sick. The Geeksquad doctors are trying to make my pc better but they are having great difficulty. However, not having easy access to my computer inspired this weekend do post.

1. Do go visit and stay awhile at the local library. These past few days have been terribly so hot and humid. I like to think that the library is free cool air, free knowledge (as much as anyone wants to gain), and free internet. That’s how I’m writing this post-thank you local library.

Find a nook with a good book.

2. Do read the neighborhood newsletter, your mail, magazines, a book, or anything with writing. I found myself less distracted by the internet and reading through very important information. For example, I realize that my co-op has GREAT sales and offers GREAT classes.

I have posted notes and lists all round my home to keep track of all the happenings/info in towns.

3. Do walk to local shops and support their business. I have been without a pair of good running shoes (I gave mine to a friend when I was in Gulu). Instead of looking online for deals, I walked to the shoe store a couple of blocks from my home and found the perfect pair. The sales associate looked at my arches, how I walked, and the cushion of each shoe. It was fabulous experience.

Thank you new shoes. I'll be running with a much healthier stride.

4. Do blast the music and clean your living space. I have been listening non-stop to two albums. I switch around Mountain Man’s Made the Harbor

and Fleet Foxes’s Helplessness Blues.

Put on some tunes and sing along. I am certain it will make dusting, sweeping, and washing seem like feng shui rather than a chore.

Happy Weekend!


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§ 2 Responses to Weekend Do: No Computer Edition

  • Ed says:

    The caption loaded before the photo and I thought you meant the Barnes and Noble Nook. Then I realized you meant a real nook. Yay for supporting local shoe stores!

  • Jacki says:

    I will have to try #4 soon. Anything that makes cleaning more like feng shui than a chore must be good.

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