Journaling My Way Through Inspirations

August 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have volumes and volumes of journals. As a middle schooler I started to document life’s dramatic events such as every interaction with Stephen Johnson. He was the 8th grade Blondie who caught my eye. I remember writing awful, horrible, and very terrible things about how annoying my siblings were to me. Truly my siblings are not as awful as I remembered them to be. When I went off to college I lamented about being so far away from home and how to balance life on my own. My graduate school years recorded how thesis research and clinicals were molding me into a very Type A person and my struggle to be more free. Now, as a young professional the themes of wanting to do good, learning to love others well, creative thoughts, dreams, and pondering the deep questions of my faith flow through the writings in my journals.

One thing that I absolutely love to write about is what inspires me. From journal writings to posts, this blog has been a great space to blend what inspires me and the sense of community in sharing that with all of you wonderful readers. So far August has allowed me much free time to explore, create, change, and go on adventures, which all means I have been inspired by lots lately. Below is a documentation of what is currently inspiring me.

1. Lately, I have been interested in how people’s lives are documented through different aspects such as what is inside their bags. The lines and curves of one’s face is the perspective an Austrian illustrator took to perceive the life of others. This artist shares the sketches of Viennese and Austrian people at A Face A Day.

2. This is such a neat idea. Stand behind the folks taking a group picture and the perspective changes.

Flickr by colormekatie

3. Here are 13 prompts by Ali Edwards if you need a jump-start on what to journal.

What is currently inspiring you? Please do share posts, articles, photos, or videos in the comment section.


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