Meet the Artist: Brian Hofmeister

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Brian Hofmeister is an oil painter living in southeastern Wisconsin. He has captured many streets, parks, and homes in his impressionist work (some of his work is below).


Memories On Newbury Street

Aldephi Hotel

We are excited to have him share his voice on art in this space.

I recently participated as an exhibiting artist at the second Annual Milwaukee Domes Art Fair, and had the opportunity to reflect on how visual artists can best contribute to and capture the attention of the surrounding culture.

Patience would be an asset to visual artists and their influence on culture. The Domes put on a good show.  Viewers commented on the growth and improvements since last year.  However, a number of artists expected the show to achieve greatness overnight.  Some hoped for greater attendance, other hoped for greater sales.  Whatever the hope may be, the visual artist loses influence when their unfulfilled hopes are redirected toward sour feelings against the general public, or arts advocates.

The right to influence is never handed to us.  Whatever influence we presently have, whether big or small, must be nurtured to earn more.

A nod to Brian Hofmeister.


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