Weekend Do: Last Summer Weekend Edition

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

The last weekend of the summer has arrived. Starting next week I will rise early with the sun to go to school. My days will be filled with students coming and leaving my room as I try to fix erroneous articulation patterns, encourage smooth speech fluency, encourage use of correct language structure, and role-play appropriate social interactions. I am very excited to be with the students again, but I still have one more summer weekend to enjoy and savor.

1. Do be a good neighbor and join in on some community. This weekend my roommate and I are participating in the community garden clean up. We are new in the neighborhood and excited to build relationships with the neighbors.

Community Chorus by Hollie Chastain

2. Do finish the small projects around the home. The recent move into a new house has created many home projects. This last move made me realize that I do not like packing and moving, but I do love to set up a home. A couple of my favorite things about the new home is the backyard, the guest room to host loved ones, and the space holding my sewing and craft materials. One of the hardest parts of setting up home is hanging things on the wall. I am not very good with a hammer and planning always takes longer than I want, but I have the weekend. I will try my darn best to hang some art, photos, and other beautiful items. I am currently inspired by the photos below.


3. Do soak in the good weather. Summer days are perfect for a bike ride to the farmer’s market or to take a canoe adventure down the river. The cool summer nights are great to join friends for an outdoor music concert with a nice cold beer in hand. Tonight I will be doing just that with Peter Bjorn and John. They are a Swedish rock band that will definitely get us dancing and singing along. Listen to their song Second Chance below.

What are you doing this summer weekend?


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