Weekend Do: School Edition

September 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

I love to learn. After 19 years of school I continually (initiated by myself) enroll in classes. Last spring I took a 6-week sewing course from the community college. This fall I will be taking an art drawing course from the University. I am already feeling the “first day of school” jitters and class starts on Tuesday. I received a class supply list of twenty items in the mail. I only knew three of the twenty items listed-not a very good beginning to the course.

However, I will remain positive. I have this weekend to prepare, so please do join me in this adventure as I journey into being a student of art.

1. Do create. Sometimes it is frustrating when you feel stuck creatively. This is a helpful list, created by Elsie, to guide the move out of the creative frustration. Moving to a new home forced me to change my creative workspace; thus, many projects are in the making. What might also help is to have some sort of accountability, which could be partnering with someone on a project, be in a community of creators, or enroll in a class.

2. Do stream Megafaun’s new album. It’s pleasing to the ear and soul-trust me. It will be the soundtrack to my lesson planning this weekend.


3. Do rest. My first full week of providing speech therapy and I realize how much mental, physical, and emotional energy little people need. I love giving it to them but I am truly ready for the weekend. My loose leaf Assam Gold Rain tea is already brewing.

Photo via Katelyn Herenda Pinterest

Have a good weekend!


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