Handwriting As An Art

September 26, 2011 § 9 Comments

I remember sitting next to the new girl in third grade and on her first day, Mrs. Berndt, my third grade teacher said, “Jessica, your cursive is beautiful. Keep up the good work.” Then Mrs. Berndt walked away without even noticing my attempts at looping, curving, and linking all my letters together. I was reminded of this moment when I saw a video of artist Bili Bidjocka and curator Simong Njami’s  current art project titled Ecriture Infinie (Infinite Writing).

Bidjocka’s idea is to create one piece of literature that brings all people of different backgrounds together focusing on the process of handwriting words into massive notebooks (8 of them).

As a consistent letter writer I love receiving and sending handwritten letters. Handwritten letters seem more permanent and personal because revisions are so visible. One can’t just press the delete button or use the cut/paste option; thus, making the process of writing more involved and in some ways vulnerable. The process of writing seems more visible on a handwritten page than an electronic typed document.

Photo from Ecriture Infinie

Have you handwritten anything lately? If so, please do share.


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§ 9 Responses to Handwriting As An Art

  • Sianaaarrgh! says:

    Sianaaarrgh! reblogged this on Don't go there SIANA! and commented: Now *THIS* is interesting stuff! Inspiration for a future blog post perhaps? You know I touch on everything… x

  • Marcia says:

    I just went through 20 years of paper calendars to find the dates each year that our family would make a trip to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. It was fun to find on each calendar the dates marked with my or my husband’s handwriting. Some years we had crossed off other scheduled events to write “PORKIES” over them and sadly some years other events took precedence and “PORKIES” was crossed out. How stark then to see the last three years recorded with an electronic calendar. There is no story scribbled in around the trip–just “The Porkies” in electrons covering the three days. Yes, something is definitely lost. Thanks, Pakou.

    • For the past few years I have kept my paper calendars. Lately, I have been documenting the insprining, funny, and loving things my students say on the date in my calendar. I have yet to make the move to electronic calendars but when/if I do I will let you know. Thanks for reading.

  • Alyssa says:

    I have never really done a lot of writing, but I’m finding it therapeutic and much easier to write than to compose as of late. Every morning, I take out a spiral notebook and force myself to write at least 3 pages to get the random nothingness that is clogging my creativity, out of my head and into existence. It has been working and because of this, I have been discovering things about my “artist self” that I’ve never known before.

  • Jesse says:

    In the spirit of your post. Would you consider posting handwritten posts only?

    In the spirit of your post, would you considerd doing the next one by hand?

    I won’t bele believe this post until I can see you try it on this blog. That mia means I That means I want to see a hand wite w handwritten post.

    You should post

    You shoulldl

    You should handwrite your
    You should Hand

    You should s

    You should hand-write your posts.

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