Meet Emily & Her Fall Inspirations

October 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Guest post by Emily Hazen.

Oh how I want to greet you, FALL. How I want to give you a big hug, BUT I can’t. I’ve somehow found myself living in this crazy state called Texas where it’s still 90 degrees in October. So I do things that trick me into thinking it’s fall, like having pumpkin bread, putting gourds in my centerpiece bowl, and staying inside after work, listening to the music that brings me back to various fall seasons of my life. God certainly brought me here for a reason. I’ve met some of the most beautiful genuine people, started a library in Nicaragua, and get to do what I’m made for as an educator.

I love how seasons promote different inspirations in us. I know as a teacher, fall seems to be the time where we have the highest aspirations and the most energy to accomplish transformations in our classrooms. This fall I find myself reflecting more on things that I’ve previously created. I’ve started a new position as a Literacy Specialist at a PreK Center in Houston. That’s just a fancy name for storyteller or dramatic play encourager. The other day in my class, as we were reading a spectacular picture book called Chalk by Bill Thomson, we got out our “imagination sparkles” from our pockets and stepped into the story. Soon my four-year-old students were catching butterflies and describing their colors and shape-designs. These are moments of inspiration. I can tell you that the wonder we experienced through this story was powerful. I find myself in a place of contentment in my work.

I know that as I look into the nature of fall I see the amazing cycle that moves us through life. Watch this video and experience the alphabetical odyssey through the creative process.

Ok, so you loved it right? Listed below are current inspirations through photos I’ve taken:

A thoughtful and original birthday gift from my boyfriend.

Enjoying a popsicle with my friend's son, who is my other boyfriend.

Textures and orange decorations for fall and a rainy day on my deck.

Sketching my dreams when I wake up.

An airplant, which I am crazy for and being at the ocean.

My sweet mom coming to visit and meeting some of my friends.

In this fresh space, we will dance.

Erik and I loving Houston.


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§ 3 Responses to Meet Emily & Her Fall Inspirations

  • Alyssa Hedenstrom says:

    Emily! I loved this post particularly because I am too in a Fall-less city (Dallas) and am doing the same things as you. Last week, I baked for over 3 hours of pumpkin treats! Thank you for your post, I’ve been exploring new creative paths in this season and I’m finding many treasures. Love to you!

  • greenanne says:

    Emily, it’s Lauren J. So neat to hear how your Texas life is going, and the satisfaction and contentment that you are finding with the big opportunities and small and simple joys the Lord has given. :)

  • Emily Hazen says:

    Thanks friends! It’s so fun to be included in this artistry :) keep the kindness

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