Feist: Pleasing To The Ears

October 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

I absolutely am in music heaven with Leslie Feist’s new album Metals. Absolutely.

The wonderful ladies of Mountain Man have been lending their beautiful harmonies with Feist on stage. This, dear Readers, is a beautiful combination. Beautiful. I picked three of my current favorites on the album to share, because I couldn’t just pick one. However, if the music clips are pleasing to your ears, stream the whole album here.

The strong percussion of The Bad In Each Other automatically drew me in. The thudding of the drum, the electric guitar, saxophone, and harmonies created this tension that parallels well with the relationship in the song. Give a listen – what do you think?

Another song on repeat is Bittersweet Memories. The recording has this great moment where the strings and vocal harmonies come together on the bridge with the following words:

Can’t go back, I can’t go on

I remember us ‘fore we turn to dusk

Just when these feelings were all about

When we still could trust in our hearts

This instrumentation in Caught A Long Wind is unbelievably beautiful.

A nod to Feist.


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§ One Response to Feist: Pleasing To The Ears

  • Danny Sabra says:

    This is one of my favorite albums all year. I didn’t really listen to Feist before this record, but I sure do now. It’s so evocative and textural and just awesome. I love it.

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