Lines to Paper to Image

November 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

“I don’t like art,” said a friend this past weekend. I gasped in response to that statement. I was surprised at how strong that statement made me feel. How could anyone say that? My friend then went on to explain that growing up he didn’t have many experiences or exposure with art. This made me quite sad. I’m thankful that at a young age I was exposed to art and taught how to appreciate art. In elementary school I was part of an art program that gave young kids a tour of the art museum with our own personal Art Docent explaining the history, artist, and different perspectives on paintings, sculptors, and images. I grew to love Georgia O’ Keefe, learn about Monet’s Water Lilies, appreciate Degas’ dancers, and adore Pollock’s paintings.

These past few months I have been taking the lead on my own art education – enrolling in a Drawing the Figure course through the University. I have learned a lot – mostly lessons on how to look at the figure and transfer that image on to paper.

Lesson 1 – We are made up of so many lines.

Left Hand

Lesson 2 – Give value to an image.

Woman No.3

Lesson 3 – See proportions.

Man No.2

Lesson 4 – Capture light from darkness.

Woman No. 7

A nod to artists who love to teach and share.

Who is one of your favorite artists?


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§ 5 Responses to Lines to Paper to Image

  • e says:

    Love chalk as a medium! I was just thinking how drawing with charcoals is one of the most therapeutic things in the world. Thinking of being made up of so many lines made me think of Degas’ horse drawings. I’ve been a huge Degas fan since visiting the Getty Museum in LA in high school — this one’s my all-time fav:

  • ErikH says:

    For the record, I think my wording was more along the lines of, “I’m not quite yet sure how I feel about art.” In other words, the verdict is still out… and I should add that I’m glad it remains out as you’re swaying it in a positive direction.
    To answer your question, though, I’ve always liked the paintings of Van Gogh: they’ve always seemed to me to be somewhat pensive and always thoughtful. I think that preference has to do with my penchant for the verbal. I’ve yet to delve into visual art enough to find producers of drawings, sculpture, and dance, though… unless, of course, Team iLuminate (of America’s Got Talent fame) counts. :-)

    • I’m glad that in some way I’m swaying you but I’m sure art will sway you in itself. I’m not sure if I know Team iLuminate, but art is such a BIG word. I like to think that music, acting, and writings are all forms of art.

  • Pakou, I love the last one – it’s new to me. I’ve enjoyed seeing your drawing process and progress the last few weeks. Definitely not something I could do. Thanks for sharing. -Abi

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