Documenting Moments of Life

November 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Oh, life, such a weight and joy that it brings-of course it deserves documentation! Journaling has always been my default in recording the losses, experiences, and dreams of my life; however, I have found much freedom in exploring different ways to document life moments.

In my family there is a tradition of telling stories and events through story cloths call paj ntaub (flower cloth). Hmong story cloths uses embroidery and appliques to create people, animals, and stories. I am not sure if I could make a paj ntaub of an event in my life, but the idea of stitching words or images on fabric or using fabric to remember a person or experience is something I will definitely be exploring.

A corner of the paj ntaub in my home - harvest time.

Recently, I have been inspired to pair journal entries with sketches. Carrie Rosalind shares her great-grandmother’s journal pages on her blog.

Rosalind's great-grandmother's 10.21.42 journal entry.

Lately, I have been taking instant documentation of moments with my Polaroid camera. The old school navy and golden-yellow 600 Film Polaroid camera sits on top of my treasured bookshelf. The Impossible Project exists to continue the art of analog instant photography. It explores and produces instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras.

My priceless Polaroid camera with some photos I have taken.

What are some ways you document life, moments, or people?


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  • e says:

    I wish I had a great-grandparent’s journal! What a beautiful and special find. I love Polaroid cameras too but the film is so expensive!

    I paste ticket stubs, boarding passes, used subway passes, and restaurant cards/menus into a Moleskine. Whenever I’m in a new city in a different country (Asia primarily) and I pass by a photobooth, I get photos taken and put them in there too.

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