Weekend Do: Pass Go

November 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

If anything, I’ve come to appreciate Pakou’s weekend posts for the sense of purpose or vision they give for the next few days. Yes, I think, it is the weekend. So much possibility. And somewhere to start. So wherever this weekend takes you, be it sprawled on your couch, partaking of your city, dining with friends or family, or traveling to Canada, may you start well by doing a few things.

1. Do hold onto your socks, your face, or anything else that might rock off  because of Lisa Hannigan’s soulful tunes.

Doesn’t she seem like such a delightful person? I love that she can’t resist smiling when she sings. Her repertoire includes some lovely collaborations with notable male vocalists like Glen Hansard (of Once), Ray LaMontagne, and Damien Rice. Also worth listening to are her songs “O Sleep” and “Courting Blues.” Oh, I am loving her. I hope you fall for her too.

2. Do create a new piece out of something old. I’ve enjoyed some of these “block out” poetry pieces (where you create a new poem by highlighting select words on a page from an old book) and want to play around with it, but this piece is one of my favorites.

I love the stormy background, the highlighted “I” in the entire piece that suddenly switches to a “you” at the end. Me, me, me, but YOU tell the story best. And the title just wraps everything neatly together. I’m intrigued by the process of creating block poetry because you have to have a particular eye (no pun intended!) to see a new piece within so many other words, to know how to manipulate what’s there to reveal something different.

3. Do visit your local bookstore as so many are sadly going out of business. But beware! In an interview about his latest book Hope: A Tragedy, Jewish author Shalom Auslander says, “There is much more dangerous shit in your average independent bookstore than you are ever going to see in TV or film. You could do posters for Candide that would get banned.” Bookstores seem like such cozy, quiet, safe little nooks. And yet so much awaits within them. Not even our shock-value media can compare with our imagination combined with the written word.

4. Do rock your style at any age, like these lovely ladies who exercise their creativity through fashion, who hunger for color, surrealism, and leopard prints.

These women are indeed inspiring. I don’t know if I’ll be this bold or fashion-intelligent when I march into old(er) age (I’m hardly either now), but I do hope not to be a dreary old woman.

Ready for the weekend? Hop to it, folks. And listen to Lisa one more time.


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