Mirror to Chalkboard Wall Hanging

December 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

The walls of my dining room are no longer bare. Multiple trips to the hardware store and thrift store have inspired me again to turn a vintage looking mirror into a chalkboard.

1. Cover the mirror with newspaper so that the mirror frame can be painted. I choose white but you could choose any color. It might be easier to take the backing off the frame and remove the glass mirror. Let the frame dry overnight.

The old frame was a rustic black color.

2. Next, paint the mirror with chalkboard paint. A 11 ounce can of paint is less than $10 at the hardware store. Let the mirror sit overnight to dry.

The black paint was still wet when it captured the wispy clouds.

3. Then put the mirror and backing on to the frame. A finished chalkboard wall hanging to make your space a little more unique or you can give it away as a gift.

Finally, the west wall of the dining room has some character.

 This past weekend I wrote a sweet note to welcome some friends.

Guests are an adornment to the home.

Are you making any Christmas gifts this year? If so, what are you making?


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