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December 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s that time of year where lists are in abundance – Christmas wish list, shopping list, and guests list. Before we virtually sign off for the year we would like to remind you of some of our favorite posts.

Here are my Top 5 posts of the year:

1. The For Those Whose Names Are Only Read  post was really fun to write. After laying in bed and just turning off my nightstand lamp, the idea came to post about the dedication page in books. Here is a little something about me, dear Readers, I keep a pen or pencil, posted notes, and scrap paper right next to my bed to write down last minute day thoughts or dreams that are so weird it ought to be written to be not forgotten.

Yes, I would recommend all of these books.

2. I absolutely love to thrift and find one-of-a-kind pieces to add to my wardrobe. One of my favorite finds this year was the blue white button skirt I found for $3.99. I have stretched my closet by the yards and dollars by just adding a little creativity.

3. Birthdays are great even if it’s not my birthday. This year I celebrated my 25th birthday in Gulu Uganda with my students who are blind making music with the monsoon that demanded to take the role of percussion. They sang, we sang, and as the lights flickered off and on, only those with sight gasped at the fear of darkness. After traveling in the rain, I was greeted with full house of friends, rooms lit by candlelight, and poetry to honor the day of my birth. This was a birthday to remember.

Good tea with good friends.

4. I never thought my first year of teaching would be filled with so much politics. In solidarity we will get all of those signatures and more.

5. I am so proud of this post about Mary Oliver and Sufjan. I wrote it one rainy night in my old apartment, my first apartment, my first place out in the real world as a young professional.

… the pounding of hail and now pouring rain echos in the old walls of my apartment and lightning continues to ignite the sky with Sufjan exclaiming the ultimate victory told in the Good Book.

Abi’s Favorite Pakou-Post: Of course Pakou’s dedication post teared me up and moved me. But since she already mentioned it, I will add that I most often return to her post featuring the beautiful footage of The Tree Ring’s lamp-covered houseshow and this song by K’naan, which continually inspires me with its message to be a giver. Thanks, Pakou, for gifting this song to us.

Dear Readers, which post is your favorite?


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