Nature Dwelling

January 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

With its steady snowfall and blustering wind, winter has come to the Midwest. Recently, I went north for a couple of days and gleefully wore my snow boots, mittens, and layers. Now I’m wearing my heavy coat and boots to stay warm in the city. However, leaving the city for the country always reminds me of how quickly my body sinks into a more restful, slower pace and how my soul is satisfied by lingering longer in nature. To be so close to masses of trees, hear the creatures of the woods, and see the horizon is so incredibly pleasing.

Since May, I have had this post somewhat drafted, but have yet to find the right way to share my wanderlusting idea until now. Dear Readers, are you truly ready for this confession?

I have thought about building, designing, and living in a treehouse. Yes, this is true. I have a collection of pictures of what it could possibly look like. The location and tree have yet to be determined, but it ought to be a strong tree to hold my dwelling among its branches. The treehouse doesn’t have to be majestic or grand, though it certainly does have to be cozy, filled with natural light, and big enough to hold friends and family. It would not be a true treehouse if it couldn’t be shared with others. David and Tereasa’s treehouse addition to their campsite inspired me.

photo: Bob Coscarelli

Natural light in a home is a simple pleasure I like to soak in.

Yeah, I could be here.

Joe Stevens filmed and edited Eric Singer’s construction of a community hideaway in the woods of Oregon. The coordinates shared in the video are the only way to find the exact location of this hideaway. If you are itching for an adventure, this could be it.

In my search for ideas for a dwelling in the woods, I came across the Cabin Porn tumblr. Below are a couple of my favorites.

Donna Irvine is the owner of this cabin. Click on the photo to see more about her life here.

This cabin is part of Urnatur, a Swedish woodland retreat. It's so whimsical.

Readers, do you daydream about dwelling in another place? If so, where?

A nod to the designers, constructors, and dwellers of these homes.


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