Weekend Do: Winter Days Edition

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

The winter weather has captured this blog and so it continues…

1. Do enjoy the snow. I absolutely love being the first one to step into a field of untouched snow. It’s as if I reached sacred ground that holds the secret – the secret of how deep my boot will sink or if the sound of my foot imprinting the snow will be a crunch or a slush.

via Pinterest

2. Do spend time checking out your local library. I have been in a library frenzy. Being outside in the snow and cold air is great, but another great feeling is coming indoors from the cold. Visits to the library has made my indoor time a lot cozier with movies and books. I have a lengthy list of craft, drawing, and clean food cook books on hold. The best thing is that I get to feed my mind with ideas and others get to do the same. The great thing about this is that it’s all free – YES!

My books from the library sit right next to the books that belong to me on my bookshelf. I wonder what kind of conversations the library books have with my permanent books.

3. Do make lists. Not only have I been in a library frenzy, I’m also in a list frenzy. It could be that the new year brings a freshness that lends to creating lists rather than checking the objectives off as they happen. Some of the lists I have made are to do’s around the home, a birthday list (almost exactly 7 months away), adventure ideas, and movies that I would like to see. I’m super excited about Wes Anderson’s newest film, which premieres in May.

What are you crossing off your list this wintery weekend?


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