The Importance of Doodles

January 27, 2012 § 11 Comments

Doodling often gets a bad rap in classrooms and work meetings, as Sunni Brown points out in her TED talk. But, as she also says, doodling is an important part of our ability to process and retain information. Her brief talk below is both fascinating and a little liberating.

Unlike Pakou, I have no eye for drawing and my doodling is usually limited to geometric shapes and birds.

I put birds on most documents.

But I have many friends who do have such talents for doodling and drawing, and they often delight me with their gifts. Here are a few that continue to stay posted on my fridge and in my work space.

1. From my college friend Amelia who frequently left inspiring notes:

2. From my coworker Becky who graciously kept writing through my many revisions:

I love the inclusion of my cup of tea! True editing can’t happen without it. I’m pretty sure I’m about to pick up a red pen below.

3. From Jesse, who advised Pakou and I in our gardening adventures this summer:

We looked just like this, too:

4. From my sister, who loves.

5. And my favorite, from my friend Erik. Several years ago, I asked that any birthday gifts be “tree-related.” And this is what he gifted me:

I wouldn’t say I love Walt Whitman, but I do resonate with his appreciation of trees. The above is one of my favorite quotes as well as as this one:

“Have we not stood here like trees in the ground long enough?”

Have we not, indeed. Let’s go out and move and create. Start by doodling.



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