One Year Old!

January 30, 2012 § 7 Comments

This is a big deal! We have been blogging for one year.


In honor of this celebratory moment we are giving away this wreath I made.

For a chance to win, share your favorite post or topics you enjoy reading in the comment section. A winner will be chosen at random this Friday.

Thank you, dear Readers, for making our first year of blogging wonderful.


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§ 7 Responses to One Year Old!

  • Leah says:

    Yea for you two! It’s such a sweet treat to see the blog pop up in my email each week. I hope you do this forever. Favorites: question of identity (I stole the photographer for one of my lessons!) and solitude (“the art of being alone” is one of my new favorite links!). Your weekend do’s are always fun, too! Thanks for all the beauty you send this way…

  • I may not win, but playing by the rules is not art! So, I have a three way tie. The reason it is a tie is because there are three different posts that have stuck with me and changed me due to the experience of this blog. First one I can not remember the blog title, but it was a project where a photographer had people empty their bags or pockets and he photographed them with what they had on them at the time. This was a picture into who they were… if I continued teaching I was going to use this as a lesson on Socialogical Imagination. Awesome. Second is the Hello to Cello, loved it and still listen to it, Steven Sharp Nelson is suppose to be in Wisconsin in April and I still want to see him live. The third is you love of the movie Sneakers! classic and the new Sherlock, Sweet!

    • Ah! The Sneakers mention was by Steven and the Sherlock by Laura – so good to get a few nods to our amazing guest bloggers! (and if anyone else wants to guest blog on your favorite artistry things – just let us know!)

  • hellenjc says:

    Very, Very well done !! from a new follower :)

  • Dave says:

    Abi dog sitting and the making of egg rolls were two of my favorites.
    Thanks for the entertainment you have provided this past year.

  • Glenn says:

    My favorite theme has been the subtle ways you’ve discovered and illuminated beauty and meaning in the seemingly mundane.

    However, my favorite post was the one with the 80s music covers. (Robert Palmer was my first concert in April 1986 at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco).

  • Laura Mettler says:

    A recent favorite: treehouses.

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