To love and be loved

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I can’t get enough of these two individuals.

Ayden – As a baby, I use to soothe his cries by cradling him in my arms and repeat the “Baby beluga” chorus, just the chorus. Since attending 4K, he has taught me the rest of the lyrics to this old children’s tune. At times, I’ll find him cradling a small stuff animal and singing the same tune I used to sing to him.

Ayden in his traditional Hmong clothes. Photo by Pahoua Vang

Delilah – She has a more reserved spirit than her older brother, but definitely goes after what she desires. The only blanket I have ever crocheted belongs to her. I hope she will always know the warmth of love in her walk of life.

My Lilah. Photo by Pahoua Vang

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that we have the capability to love and to be loved. Once, I heard love defined as, “… a choice to seek the well-being of the other and please the other when there are other alternatives available. It’s the choice that makes it love.” My niece and nephew inspire me to love better, love more, and love with abandon. A nod to Ayden and Delilah.

Who inspires you to love?


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