Introducing, A Friend

March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Guest post by Laura Mettler.

I would like to introduce you to a musical friend of mine. And by friend, I mean a friendly musical presence in my life who is also a real person whom I have never met. This “meeting” may be redundant, considering the fact that he has released eleven albums since 1997. His name is Andrew Bird, and I myself was properly introduced to his music a little over a year ago. Chances are I am not the only newbie.

I chanced to run into him last week while checking out NPR’s First Listen. And hey! He has a new album coming out this month.  Here is your sneak peek. Feel free to sample.

By now, we all love and are totally impressed with TED talks, right? Well, prepare to be even more impressed with Andrew. Here is his TED talk from November 2010! It showcases his mad looping skills which combine whistling, singing, and strumming-plucking-bow-ing a violin, all in precision timing.

Click here for his show on the highly impractical “Sounds from a Room” recorded in late January. It’s almost an hour long, so feel free to put it on as background music for your work-a-day world, or snuggle down on your couch (alone or with friends) and savor it like an after-dinner mint.

Here he covers Cass McCombs’ song “Meet Me Here at Dawn” with Priscilla Ahn.

As if everything he has ever done has not impressed you yet, his music is featured in the new Muppets movie!

To top it all off, he’s from Chicago. Incontestable proof that the Midwest is indeed the best! (Thanks, Etsy!)


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