Pack a Towel and Follow Your Ears

March 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

At some point, planning any trip results in moments of panic, whether or not you remember to pack your hitchhiker’s towel. There’s the stress of DO! SEE! GO! ALL! MORE! NOW!

So we set a few low-key goals for our upcoming trip.

1. Take lots of pictures posing in a cool city around people who may or not may have a guitar slung over the shoulder. We need more moments like this one from New York City.

2. Get relatively lost. Feel accomplished when we recognize a street again.

(We probably won’t get lost among trees in a southwestern city, but we might see Lost in the Trees promoting their new album, and that will be just as pleasant.)

3. Hang out with our friend Becky, who failed with us to see our favorite author Kate DiCamillo last year.

Her handwriting is quite awful, but we can still be friends.

I’m not familiar with children’s book authors in Austin, Texas, but maybe the three of us will talk about our own writing and exchange stories of aunthood instead.

4. Get tan legs before anyone else in the Midwest.(Legs from another summer.)

5. Not work. There will be none of this happening for four beautiful days.

6. Follow our ears. Recently my ears have been leading me to Daughter, who I hope to hear live this weekend.

So even if our luggage is lost, our view of stages blocked by Texan hats, or the food beef-heavy and wallet-draining, at least we will have made our leisurely way through a new city.


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