“I was growing thin – did it matter?”

March 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

After our last post on erasure poetry, we got a few poems from readers and we are thrilled to share!

From Glenn, a coworker who took great delight in blocking out whole paragraphs of a Christian romance novel by Lori Wick.



From Danny, a friend who fiddled around with a page or two from Tolstoy’s short story, “Family Happiness.”

“Take Me to Find My Heart”

(or read it this way)
I felt uncomfortable to look into that cold death
Intending to move
to take
to confess
to feel
I was young and pretty
I was wasting before the winter
This solitude increased
an extent to leave
Take me to find my heart
What is the best part of life?
I was growing thin. Did it matter?
Life was bound in dreariness
I had no strength to escape
Anxious abroad stood our guardian
When I was like a shadow without a wish,
sent our plans to beg.

From Anna and the cliched book on Africa and youth.

“Like a Boomerang”

A nod to our creative readers.



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