Feeling my way through a pottery tour

May 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

This past weekend I experienced my first pottery tour. A pottery tour is when a potter opens up their studio space to allow the outside world to see the creations of their work and other potters’ work. Out in the beautiful sunny countryside my friend and I drove from studio to studio. I touched almost everything my eyes set their sight on. I just couldn’t help it.

Below are some of my favorite potters from this weekend.

1. Shoko Teruyama was the first potter I lingered over. The combination of her glazing and intricate drawings was really interesting to me. Her own words about her work are beautiful and is shared below:

I create characters based on human relations and things I have experienced.  To me it is much easier to draw owls than humans.  I don’t want to tell specific stories to people, I want people to create their own.  Sometimes you feel like the weight of a turtle standing on top of you and sometimes you feel like an owl standing on top of the world.  Some of my characters have a dark nature.  I think that is life.  Sometimes dark things happen.  Overall, I want my work to have a sense of hope and a sense of humor because life goes on.

2. By the time we arrived at Linda Christianson’s studio I probably had held at least 100 mugs. My first mug is one of her creations. The angles of the mug fit like a perfect puzzle in the palm of my hand and my small fingers lined comfortably on the curved handle.

3. Josh DeWeese’s ceramics reminded me of a dark Alice in Wonderland cupboard full of tea pots, vases, and mugs.

4. Suze Lindsay’s work has so much personality, so much. I was able to speak to her a little bit and learned that she was a speech-language pathologist when making pottery was only a hobby. Knowing this little fact made me love her work even more.

A nod to these beautiful and inspirational potters.


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