Nikolaj Lund: Photographer & Musician

May 21, 2012 § 5 Comments

Today I am inspired to be playful by Danish photographer Nikolaj Lund. Besides capturing some stunning landscape images and portraitures, Lund also happens to have a masters degree in cello performance and classical music. I love how he combines his two areas of passion and revitalizes the image of classical music, a more traditional genre.

The results are surreal, unexpected, and joyful.

A nod to Nikolaj Lund.


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§ 5 Responses to Nikolaj Lund: Photographer & Musician

  • Anna says:

    hahaha, love these!!

  • Anna says:

    and when you say “I love how he combines his two areas of passion and revitalizes the image of a traditional genre” do you mean he’s revitalizing the image of classical music? (vs photography?)

    • yes – I didn’t want to say classical music is stodgy or anything and those who play it too prim and proper. That’s not true, but that is how it’s often viewed. So I love these formally dressed musicians in wild abandon. :)

      • Anna says:

        yes, the wild abandon is captivating. i feel like these photos externalize what a great classical musician (or any musician or artist) should have going on the inside: letting the music wild, letting it drive you, bursting from beneath the bow-tie. it’s important to see it externalized, so that it’s accessible to different senses (visual). and also its so important that once you become a professional musician, that you keep re-searching your soul in every project, finding the wild abandon again and hugging it, unafraid to be ridiculous by just being super into everything you do. unafraid of being silly by comparison to many other adults who are sort of stylishly cynical and grumpy.

  • woah, these are very interesting shots! =)

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