Weekend Do: Slowing down edition

August 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have been forced to slow down.

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I have been experiencing what I thought was an allergic reaction to a lip balm I was using, but it actually may have been a symptom of a major imbalance in my body. Also, a lower back pain has been such a nuisance these past few days. It takes me a while to sit and raise from a seat, but I can’t sit for very long. In trying to figure out this imbalance the natural way, I’m going on the Candida Diet to help flush out the “bad/extra” in my body. Hopefully, in time, my body will return to a healthier state.

1. Do listen. Take some time, away from distractions, to observe how you are doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. At the beginning of a yoga class last week, my instructor quoted Red Hawk from his book Self Observation:

We are so conditioned to believe that when we see a problem that we must immediately fix it, one of the most difficult things to do in this work is to observe without interference neither judging nor changing what is observed, lay down your sword and cease fighting weary traveller, the fight is a trap.

via Elizabeth Weinberg

2. Do ground yourself. I find that I can be really focused when I’m sewing. I’m surprised at how many hours I will work on a project, even if I have to start over three times to get it right. After working on a sewing or craft project, I feel so good (singing does this to me too). In the midst of frustration and failure, I’m still able to find joy in this part of who I am. What activity grounds you? Do it. Who grounds you? Go and be with them.

via shipbuilding

3. Do celebrate. Celebrate the home you have, the love you feel, the ability to freely move, and the creativity that is in you.

via awelltraveledwoman

Happy Weekend!


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