Weekend Do: See

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

photo via The Peak of Chic

The other day I was playing the game Guess Who? with two middle schoolers who both have a cognitive disorder. I was working on using descriptive words, turn-taking, and how to construct a question. One of the students was having great difficulty with the game so I sat next to him giving him starter sentences, modeling, and prompting which pictures to knock down. At the end of the game the young man decided to show his secret person to his opponent. At this point I said,

“Grass (name obviously changed), why did you do that? You’re suppose to keep your person a secret.”

He replied, “Oh no!” I didn’t know.”

I responded with, “It’s okay. We’re all learning. You’ll get this next time we play.”

As I quickly cleaned up the game he grew silent.

In a quiet, extremely soft, but very clear voice he said, “I’m sorry I didn’t know how to play the game.” He said it in a way that made it seemed like how I perceived him was dependent on his skill. My heart was crushed. I care about him for who is, not what he can do.

I assured him with these words, “Grass, we’ll get this next time. You’ll get this. You are awesome and we’ll get this.”

He smiled. We gave each other a big high-five and then he left my room.

This interaction made me think about the people I interact with daily and deeply want them to know how much I care about them is not based on what they do or do not do, how much money they make, or what they look like.

Instead of a list of weekend do’s I decided to make up one: See someone as who they are.

Happy Weekend!


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