Paucity in October

November 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

So I’m way late in posting my October photos, largely because there was a paucity of time on my part in getting them done and lately a paucity of computer access (another trip to the Apple store is due tomorrow…). But I’m posting them now, the theme of which – if you couldn’t tell by now – was paucity or lacking, which is odd, perhaps, to think about lack a few days before Thanksgiving. But maybe helpful. Maybe the first step to leaning into gratitude is considering lack.

As usual, I didn’t quite know when I chose this month’s word what I would be taking pictures of. A lot of empty plates, I supposed. I think my mentality veered more towards simplicity. Not trying to capture a lack, but trying to strip down and take away, to let lack focus the subject. Which perhaps meant I noticed a lot of bare walls and light. I also found myself looking at very cluttered, very busy scenes and still finding something missing from them. Parked cars without an even, straight line. Party lights with no people to make the party.

In editing, I wanted to make a few photos black and white, and yet I found I liked them more with just a small amount of color, a yellow tinge to a shadow or a grayish wall. So I guess a lack without a complete absence of color was another way this theme played out.

Here are a few highlights.

You can see the rest here. And I’m working on November’s theme. May your Thanksgiving be abundant.



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