Off the Front Porch

We create spaces all the time: spaces to eat, work, and play, spaces to dream and learn. This blog is a space created by two longtime friends to share pieces of well-crafted art, fun finds, and people we admire.

We like the communal and reflective imagery of a front porch, but we also realize that creating means getting up and moving into the world. We want space to consider and muse on the good things others create. But we also want to inspire and challenge our own creativity and the creativity of those who stumble across us.

Welcome to our space.

Abigail and Pakou

Abigail: After a few years writing for nonprofit communications, I’m working on my MFA in poetry. I like Old English, the sassy blues of Janis Joplin, and futzing with my camera. I’m inspired by people who take years to refine their creative genius since – in my mid-twenties without so much as three novels and a chapbook to my name – I’m well past the age of youthful and sudden success.

Pakou: When I am not a speech-language pathologist in the schools, I am listening to music, contemplating themes for hosting dinner parties, and learning the basics of gardening and sewing. Creating with my hands, which may include cooking, mending a dress, or writing a letter fills my soul. I have a love for the simple and handmade. My name, in my native Hmong, means golden flower.


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